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Reduce insurance costs, monitor quality and compliance within your supply chain, and expedite claim payments with our partner network.

Strategic Partner Network

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What You Need to Know About Strategic Partner Network

Berrian Insurance Group is the insurance member of a strategic alliance of companies providing various services to member customers. Services include insurance, supply chain management, crisis consulting, sanitation, banking, and legal.

You can benefit in several ways from services provided by our network. You can reduce insurance costs, monitor quality and compliance within your supply chain and expedite insurance claim payments.


We have special arrangements with several domestic and London insurance companies. We are able to integrate unique features of various companies to fit the needs of our customers, one at a time.

Supply Chain

We are fortunate to have been chosen by ReposiTrak as their “insurance advisors”. We greatly value their capabilities in supply chain support and in track and trace. We are able to use this partnership, with prior approval of each potential customer, as an important loss control resource to influence coverage and pricing offered to participating companies. Not only does this result in reduced cost, it also improves supply chain quality and integrity.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have tools to help you in your supply chain management?
  • Are you able to use information from your supply chain vendors as an additional quality control measurement?

Crisis Consulting

We have included crisis response consulting as a service offered to customers. These services are available on both a pre-incident and post-incident basis and are highly prized when needed.


One of our strategic partners is a well known sanitation consulting and management firm with customers across the U.S. They perform a highly valued service to the food industry.


Banks, private equity and related lending institutions have come to realize the high exposures faced by many companies from contaminated products and product recalls. We work closely with these entities and with the companies in which they have invested to help assess risk and design insurance programs to transfer risk to others. While most of our work in this area is on a pre-loss basis, we also have the ability to assist companies with financial risk transfer of uninsured and underinsured loss on an after-the-fact basis.

Ask yourself:

  • If your lenders were to ask to see your risk analysis and insurance plan, are you confident you would pass their inspection?
  • Would you be interested in assistance in this area before lenders make the inquiry?


Risk transfer between you and your customers as well as between you and your vendors is gaining more attention. We are fortunate to have partnered with a law firm specializing in contract review to help customers assess risk and recommend improvements.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you reviewed each of your contracts to identify risks your company is accepting and those being transferred to third parties?